by Joseph Habr

Has your business been severely impacted by the pandemic and the ensuing quarantine?

Has your business income reached a flat curve or are you losing market share and your competitors are gaining on you?

Or maybe your operating technology is becoming outdated?

Or maybe you need to find out what is really going on…

Whatever the reason, your business is suffering and you need to intervene and put your enterprise back on track.

CHANGE is in order to affect the way you operate, market your product and service your customers. But how would you go about it?

The first phase of implementing CHANGE starts with defining your perceived problems: what are the problems you need to solve and what are the real causes and factors shaping the present situation.

Once defined, you will start addressing these issues: who and what are you trying to serve with your solutions, what would you expect the new approach to achieve and how are you going to proceed with implementation (a roadmap).

You will then draw a detailed plan of action: what needs to be done, personnel involved, processes and procedures to be created or altered and how to implement this CHANGE. You will break down the work into tasks which your team can start working on immediately.

Any CHANGE can be risky and that’s why you will have to go through a risk analysis process: what are the possible risks deriving from this implementation, their likelihood and impact.

You will also need to monitor the restructuring progress and address any difficulties down the road.

You can try implementing this plan internally, relying on your own personnel and management team. However, the services of an external consultant like BD&PM Consultants LLC would be advisable, bringing in a fresh perspective and an unbiased contribution to execute the needed CHANGE.

Competent diagnosis requires an examination of the internal and external environments, the technology and economics of the business, and the behavior of non-managerial members of the organization.

Once you elect to use BD&PM Consultants LLC services, we will follow a proven, methodical and step-by-step process, leading to a successful outcome in the shortest possible time:


In coordination with your management team, we will:

• look at the general business and assess its Vision, Objectives, Business Development and Marketing plans, Operations, Processes, Procedures, Products / Services, Personnel and finances

• lay down problematic issues as they are perceived

• explore and define your CHANGE management strategy

• what solutions, if any, were attempted and why they did not succeed

• what are your expectations of the consultant

• what are the metrics to measure success

A joint consultant - client task force will be needed and very beneficial at this stage to work on data collection, analysis and other parts of the diagnostic process. Consultant will:

• explore the problems before setting out to solve them and presenting recommendations

• engage client employees to explore relevant issues and the context of said problems

• as useful data is collected and analyzed, consultant will realign problem definitions and readjust the metrics as the engagement proceeds and more useful definitions emerge naturally

• foresee gaps and points of resistance

Step 2 - BD&PM Recommendations for Client Approval & Total Engagement

At this stage, all investigations are done, and this is when we come forward with strategic and organizational recommendations summarizing what we have learned and proposing in detail a related course of action. Our recommendations don’t usually contain surprises because the client and client personnel were involved during the process and have helped develop them. Now is the time for the client to approve and give the go-ahead to implement both recommendations and Plan of Action.

Step 3 - Implementation & Monitoring

A full client commitment and engagement at this stage is needed from management to ensure implementation success. Recommendations that are not implemented, or are implemented badly, are a waste of effort, money and time.

BD&PM Consultants LLC will implement your CHANGE process and work with all involved and affected parties to ensure a successful, smooth and transparent transition. We will also continue to monitor this implementation for a period of time to ensure no relapses or non-conformities and until all success metrics are met.

To know more about our implementation methodology, please contact BD&PM Consultants LLC and we will be happy to present and discuss with you our approach and how it will benefit your operations and guarantee implementation success.